Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wisdom teeth, no more ...

So, the teeth got pulled. Yep. The dreaded wisdom teeth. That's why I've been away. Actually, I felt really good the day after, even went for a great hike in Yoho National Park. Yep, felt great. Course, I hadn't had solid food in two days, so I didn't have much energy.....

So, let's start from the beginning. There were a few things I might have done wrong:

1. I got put under for this. Apparently, my teeth were going to be difficult to pull out of my 'little head.' So, after the extraction, I was so out of it when I was leaving the dentist's office, I missed his all important instructions.

2. Because of aforementioned missed instructions, I thought I might do some yoga later in the day to stretch out my body and clear my head. There's a reason they tell you not to lower your head. Serious blood rush. Missed instruction number one.

3. Missed instruction number two: apparently, you're not supposed to do stairs right after the anesthetic. Oops. Brad caught me and made me return to my couch/sick bed.

4. Woke up the next morning feeling good, so I thought, "I should go for a hike. Yeah! And make it a long, steep one. Yeah!" So, off I went, and I did feel good, besides the lack of energy.

5. I packed a sandwich and a nectarine for lunch. Think I could open my mouth wide enough for either? Nope. Hmmm... energy levels dropping further. At least by then, we were on the descent.

6. After a 20 km hike, I returned home for a quick nap and awoke feeling good enough to.... go to the neighbours? What? So, long day of hiking, not much food in the body, energy levels depleted, let's go out.

And, later that night, you guessed it, I didn't feel so good. Silly, silly girl. And most people have this done when they're younger...

Anyway, after a week of penicillin and T3's. I'm back at it. I have the next four days off and not much planned, so I'm hoping to actually get something crafty done. Yippee!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Family weekend

We were lucky enough to have a little family get together in Lake Louise a few weeks ago and went on a short hike, played cards, visited and just enjoyed some down time. Quite fun.

This may be the last time all six of us are together before Curtis and Brandi's little one arrives so now we're all looking forward to meeting the seventh member of the family. (We have to wait until the end of September still....)

Here are a few pictures from our hike:

Wapta Falls. Beautiful spot, with so much water pushing over the falls it's amazing. Unfortunately, it was very muddy as the spring thaw happened a little late here this year.

The group of us.

A little wild lily along the way.

What a great weekend!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trip Home

I went to Hanna last weekend and got to visit some relatives out from New Brunswick, which was great. We get to see them about once a year and my little cousins grow sooo much each time I see them. I can't get over it. They're cuties.

I also got a visit in with my gramma, my friend Christine, and her darling daughter Dylan and lots of other family. It was great.

I hung out with my brother a bit as it's his birthday today. Happy Birthday!! Played Rock Band with him and my mom. Seriously fun game. If only I had musical talent.

There are a few new recent additions to the farm.....

Three little kitties. Very cute, but I think still unnamed, officially. Is it bad that I didn't take people pictures, just cat pictures? I feel like a six year old girl again.

Anyway, another great weekend away. Love hanging out on the farm.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scrappy Work

Summer is always so busy. All of my posts have said as much, but I feel like I may be catching up and slowing down a little. Cross your fingers.

Here's a little something I was playing with a while ago: creating photo boxes.

Sometimes, it's nice to have something nicer than a Costco envelope to bring out when people want to see your pictures before they're scrapped, which makes these little boxes great. I usually take more pictures than I can use, so I like to have something to store the extra photos, ticket stubs, and so forth that I gather.

I made a photo box for two friends who were getting married and one for myself for our Europe travel pictures. I figured these were both occasions where you would have lots of photos and keepsakes.

I got two of these boxes from Micheals for a buck a piece. To be honest, they're kinda cute recipe boxes even before you decorate them, but I wanted to make them a little more fitting for special occasion photos.

The first is the one I made for the newlyweds.

This is the one I made for our travel pictures. I'm really loving the new Bo Bunny stuff. Everything they come out with, from rub-ons to stickers to their newer paper lines are really fun. I used their rub-ons and stickers on this.

Hopefully, I get some more scrappin' time in this week while it's rainy. Hope you all are getting some crafty time for yourselves.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

What I've Been Up To....

Wow, catch up time!

Now, I know I've said we've been busy, but man, it's hard to get anything done in the summer!

Here's a few pictures to go with the hurried messages I've been posting:

Brad and I playing ball (photo taken by our youngest cheerleader, Anna).

Kylee and Blair's beautiful wedding in Kelowna:

doves... are you kidding me?
Such a beautiful wedding and a great weekend!

And we've had company and we've got more coming, but I'll try to keep you posted on what's happening out here.

Enjoy the sunshine!