Thursday, April 21, 2011


These are the last few pictures that I'll show of our trip.

Gracie pointing out the 'cats' that she kept insisting were in the jungle behind the beach. I keep waiting to hear there was a lion attack at our resort or something.


A kiss for dad.

A juice break (yes, she got the occasional cup of juice on vacation, along with deserts, hot dogs, French toast, fries, etc.).

Who Dressed this poor kid?

Another climb out of the pool:

Dressed for supper

Gracie trying to get the last few minutes of joy out of our vacation, reading a gossip magazine, naked, sitting in our suitcase.....

It was fun, we're all settled back in and I'm ready to go somewhere else, again soon...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick Interruption

I'll return to our Dominican vacation recap soon, but i thought I'd let you know about a class I'm teaching at Artisan Emporium in Hanna, Alberta on the 30th of April.

It will be a good one! We'll be making a mini album called an onion skin album because of all the great layers that you keep peeling back to reveal more spots for photos and journaling. This is a great way to scrapbook a big group of pictures.

Here's a peak:

We'll cover binding, folding and scoring, making four different types of paper flowers, distressing, and go over a few basic design principles.

You could use it as a year in review album or if you have a number of pictures from one event, you can scrapbook all of them in one afternoon!

Come join us to make a fun keepsake for yourself, or a gift for someone special (mother's day is just around the corner).

Hope to see you there!


Family Picture Time

We're forever in the process of taking a family picture... I promised one to my mom for Christmas two years ago and she still hasn't seen it. For some reason, we can't take a decent picture.


Perhaps, I'm just a perfectionist (or I'm in denial of what I actually look like).

We tried to take some on the trip and some of them were nice.

It's hard to get Gracie looking at the camera, and smiling, but if you ask her to show her teeth, she gives you this:

Cute, right?? Kind of a crooked grin, but it works.

Maybe you'll get one of these ones mom...... We'll see how they look printed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beach Play

Gracie had a ton of fun at the beach. She didn't eat nearly as much sand as she did last summer, which was nice and she liked playing with sand and water and all the toys we had for her.

Many trips were made for more water...

She liked running in and out of the ocean and feeling the waves crashing in on her legs, but only in the very shallow water.

Deeper water was fun, but there were a few moments of frantic clawing and swimsuit pulling the first time in. Yikes!

Just so we remember that we were on this trip too..... Seems to be a lot of Gracie photos.

A quick hug:

Monday, April 18, 2011

Some more pictures of our trip.

We went exploring as soon as we got there and just after I took this, Gracie lost a shoe in the ocean. Brad had to hop in and get it. Too bad we hadn't put our suits on, yet. It was only waste deep water :)

Gracie loved the pool, in and out, in and out, in and out, all day long.

In the shallow pool, she could climb in and out, and in the big pool, she got us to push her out and then she jumped in. She got so that she was pretty fearless. She would take a few steps back and for a running start and then jump in! Hence the lifejacket.

One of my favourite moments was coming into our hotel room where Brad and Gracie were resting on the bed watching cartoons. I said hi at the door, and Gracie turned to me and said, Ola!

Cute little beach babe.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dominican Vacation

We got back late last night and had a great trip! Gracie was a trooper. She flew well, ate well, slept well and loved playing in the sunshine.

This is her watching the planes in Toronto while we waited for our connection.

We had good weather (+29 and higher) and it rained only once, as our bus was pulling away from the resort. Perfectly timed.

Gracie loved it and it was nice for her and Brad to get to spend so much time together and for us all to get some relaxing family time in.

I would highly recommend the Bahia Grande Principe Cayacoa in Samana. The staff, food, beaches, pools, rooms, and location were tremendous.

Here are a few pictures taken around the resort:

You can see the main beach below and a bridge that leads across to another tiny island.

On the bridge:

The view looking back towards the resort from the island (in the sunlight).

The view from our balcony. Facing north, overlooking the main pool and the ocean:

and facing east, overlooking a smaller bay and the second, more private beach:

The kiddie pool was a foot deep, but had three deeper pools in the middle the kids could jump in or parents could sit in (much easier than duck walking around the shallow parts).

It overlooks the smaller bay.

Here's the snack shack:

And the view from the snack shack of the smaller bay:

The main courtyard:

And one of the a-la-carte restaurants (a view from both sides, in the evening and during the day):

This is a view of Samana, unfortunately, we were enjoying relaxing so much, we never did leave the resort...

Now you've had a tour of our resort. Nice right? It was a good little place to relax and get away from it all. I'll tell more stories and show more pictures next time. I need to put on another sweater, I'm much more used to +30 than +1.