Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Busy in 2012

I haven't posted in awhile... In my defense, Brad was gone for a week, his sister came to visit for a week, another sister came overnight, we are trying out a new babysitter, we had a hockey tournament, wedding, and trip to the farm last week, we're trying to pack and organize the house, Brad is on call this week, and I've been lazy.


Here's some photos of Gracie and her cousin Paige being lazy together, too.

Snacking on the couch.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

More layouts to share

Some of my favourite pictures are of Gracie wearing this Easter dress. What a little ham!!

Another day at the park...

 Playing in the hamper with Cousin Jada

 And the ups and downs of potty training, recorded

Sigh. As my mom pointed out,  I  have to make the same amount of pages for any subsequent children I have. Guess we're done...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Gracie started gymnastics after Christmas and really likes it. It's a perfect way to burn off energy and she seems to be a natural monkey/tumbler/obstacle course completer....

Eye of the Tiger... see that focus???

 Foam pit fun

Lots of excitement underway all ready in 2012!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have a stack of layouts to post, but I'm saving some of my favourites... not sure what for, but these are some of my not-so-favourites.... That's right, you only get my B game.
Ha! Enjoy!
PS. I think I'm sharing these because they look so warm and summery and it's so cold and miserable outside right now.

This is the first page of a double layout

Here's page 2

I love the picture of her pushing her little bike. That's just her determination and character encapsulated in a photo.

Meanwhile, my little stinker just went to bed without stories, because she refused to eat her last two bites of chicken.... Maybe that's why I wanted to show these, to remind myself that she's so cute. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Dec. 26 and 27

December 26

We headed back to the farm and Gracie and Grams had more fun playing peek in the bath tub!

And then mellowed out by looking at Gracie's new scrapbook album.

On the 27th, we had Benedict Christmas at my parents and had a great skating party/weiner roast, and lots of treats!

Bad parent! If you were Britney Spears this would be news.

A beetle frozen in the ice was a big highlight.

Cute cousins.

This can't be good for the skates....

My aunt, cousin and brother.

Trying to hide the marshmallow on his cheeks. To late Gray!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Christmas Day

First off, 
Happy Birthday Grandma Sackett!!!!! 
Hope you have a great day.

Now, here's more pictures for my Picture a Day Book for December. 

The girls growling at Grams and 'Rhondar' was the funniest part of the day, in my opinion. 

Look at how funny this is to them!

 Or perhaps, the new board game Kate brought.... very entertaining.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Back to the Christmas Countdown

Day 23 - Cheaters, all of them!

Day 24 - Benedict Gift opening and William's 1st Birthday

Enjoying a nie cup of coffee

The kids enjoying volume two of Grams year in review albums.

 Look at him motoring away!

 Who's that playing with Jada's remote control car???


 A fantastic birthday feast.

Jada and Gracie showed William how to play with his new gifts. 

What a fun day!