Monday, May 28, 2012

New Scrapbooking Adventures

I know, it's been forever.... summer is hitting here, and we've been busy. 

I have some exciting news to share, though!!

Treasured Memories, my favourite local scrapbooking store in Edmonton, has asked me to be on their Design Team!!!!!

That's right, I'm super lucky to work with them and have been enjoying the challenge of working with specific products. 

I was given a selection of Basic Gray's new line, Peanut butter and jelly, to play with and I like how the layouts turned out. Here are my contributions from last month:

This is Gracie and Berlyn after strollersize one day.
You might have to click on this one, to see the whole title, the letters blend into the background a bit in the picture. I used a lot of the journaling tags, a metal flower, and some leftovers from the other papers on this one. I like the 3-D diamonds along the side. I just layered two different sizes, and used a pop dot to make them stick out a bit more. 

I layered the metal flowers in this layout, to help them pop, and used a bit of the packaging, because it was so cute. (That paper with a bunch of flowers on it, bottom right hand corner? Yep, that was from the package that the metal flowers came in.)

Can you see Gracie's sign?? It says, "Go, Daddy, Go!" That picture makes me smile. 
I used a bunch of the paper strips, which Basic Gray includes on the bottom of each page, where most companies put their barcodes. It's like a little bonus, in my opinion.I also cut out some pieces of the chevron paper behind the photo and embossed others. This is hard to see in the photo, too, but I had fun playing. 

Hope you enjoyed. If you live in Edmonton, or will be visiting this summer, stop in at Treasured Memories. I guarantee the projects in store, as well as the great people who work there will inspire you. If you're not nearby, check out their blogs (  or ), and their online store ( 

Monday, May 14, 2012


Gracie is definitely a special little girl. She loves to make crafts. She will gladly paint, colour, play with stickers, play-doh, or pipe cleaners for the majority of the day. She always manages to get Brad or I involved, too. 

Here's a painting she made for Grams and Papa:

 And this, is obviously a very professional painting that I completed:

And, her hands after some finger painting:

 Oh, here's dad's piece of art:

 And another of Gracie's:

She's only coloured her bedroom once, and luckily it was with washable markers, so I am quite happy to let her play. 

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Gracie's new skill...

Nobody loves a tuit joke like a kid.

 Gracie got a whoopie cushion for Easter, and nearly falls over laughing, every time she steps on it (because she doesn't weigh  enough or have good enough aim to sit on it and get the proper effect).

She's transfered this love of bodily noises into the tuit tuit dance... 
Yep, she turns around and wiggles her bum at you and says 'tuit, tuit' (if she can get it out without giggling too much, and then uses that as a diversion to steal whatever it is she wants from you. 

This works best on dad, and Papa. We'll be rolling it out on new friends and relatives really soon, though, so don't be disappointed if you haven't seen it yet. 

Here are a few clips of it. 

See? She got the soccer ball away from her dad! 

Ladylike? Perhaps not, 
Effective, yes.