Thursday, January 18, 2007

Break out of the 12x12 rut

Sometimes we get stuck in the 12x12 album rut.

I know I have.

I like the 12x12 format because it gives me some room to include a lot of pictures and more freedom when creating embellishments.

Sure, they’re a great size, but they’re also time consuming. Nothing feels better than completing a project, checking something off your to-do list and clearing a group of photos off your desk.

Try to add some variety to your routine. For your next album, choose one event – one holiday, one hike, one wedding– and commemorate it in a single album.
I find it’s better to use a smaller album and focus on one event than keep making 12x12 page layouts in a never-ending scrapbook.

Also, it sparks a whole new fire of creativity. Just looking at a different page allows you to think of different layouts, creative ways to use your space, and makes you crop your photos a little tighter (something we could all probably do – who wants to see the shag carpet you used to have in your living room?)

My quick tip? Stick with square albums. This may simply be personal preference, but I like the 9x9 or 8x8 albums, as opposed to the rectangular 8.5x11 variety. A rectangular page forces you to have a vertical layout – title on top or bottom, photos layed out close together and stacked, and embellishments wherever you can squish them in.

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