Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weekend Visitors

Last weekend Gramma Gay and Grandad came up to visit and Gracie had so much fun! Gramma Gay knows hundreds of songs to sing and Grandad taught her how to turn pages when she's getting a book read to her. Such a smartie!

Aren't those pj's adorable? They're my favourites right now. They even have little monkey faces on the feet. So sweet.

It was a really productive weekend, too. Gay and I made 32 freezer meals from The Big Cook. This is a great cookbook for making lots of freezer meals in no time at all. Very handy.

I made four more meals myself Monday evening, so I have a fully stocked freezer right now.

Gracie is eating fairly well now, but it bothered her tummy for awhile. She eats everything super liquidy and has maybe a tablespoon worth of food at breakfast, but she is all ready eating rice cereal, oat cereal, prunes, apples, sweet potatoes and carrots. She even got a cookie (Mum-Mum's, they're like a rice cracker or something that dissolves on their tongue) for Brad's birthday yesterday. Gracie sat with us at the table in her high chair and had her cookie while we had supper. Our first family meal. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Cover Girl

First off, go vote for my friend, Elaine to be on the cover of Explore magazine. She could be a covergirl, but needs votes to win. Hint: she's the one wrapped in the sleeping bag. Also, if you vote by the 27th, you could win a free subscription to Explore.

Photo Shoot with Gracie

Now, enough about other people, back to Gracie :)

I know that we take hundreds of photos of Gracie thanks to the blessing of digital cameras, but I wanted to pose a few so I don't always have a thousand toys, a fireplace, some laundry, a chair, my legs, Brad's feet, etc. in the background.

We played for a few minutes and racked up tons of cute shots that will be fun keepsakes. Here are a few:

cute and innocent

blowing raspberries

getting a little wilder, now

We're both laughing

Too cute, is right!

big eyes

more raspberries

playing with her toes

They should be fun to scrapbook, too. Some of them are a little blurry, but they capture how active and happy she is, so I still like them. Will definitely have to do this again.

Growing Up

Did you know she turned 5 months old over the weekend?? Time flies!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Warming up??

It's getting a little warmer out.... slowly... now we just need to get through the rest of Februaury and March. Usually they're good for a few freezing cold snaps.

Here's a reminder of what the cold feels like:

Gracie's new sunglasses and her rosy cheeks after a quick wintry walk a few weeks ago.

Hope you're enjoying the weather, but if not, head to Costco to get all of your photos printed this week. They're only ten cents each for the rest of the week, online or in the store (but you do need the coupon, ask the lady at the door for the winter coupon book, if you don't have one). We just did a little Gracie photo shoot the other day, so I've definitely got some photos for them.

Gracie Exploring Her Exersaucer

Gracie is growing and changing so much, so fast. She passes toys from hand to hand, has learned how to unhook the toys from her play gym so she can get them into her mouth, and loves to play with all of the centres on her exersaucer.

She loves to work on all of the toys until she has them figured out and then she moves on to the next one. She knows which buttons to push, what crinkles when you play with it, and what toys can be pulled off.

Here she is, looking at the mirror that sits on the table top, trying to get as close as possible to that baby. Where is she?

She also loves it when you say hi to her. It's not like we don't talk to her, but for some reason, hi is her favourite thing to hear.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Mind's Eye Challenge

Here's another fun challenge I did last week. This one's for My Mind's Eye, one of my favourite companies. I used the Bohemia lines and some of the new Ooh La La line for this one.

The Bohemia lines are some of my all time favourite papers. I love the colours and patterns.

Go check out some of their new releases from CHA, they've got lots of great things coming out.

Cosmo Cricket Challenge

I have been having fun playing with sketches, lately and Cosmo Cricket always has good ones. I made this one based on their challenge sketch last week using the Boyfriend line. Fun!

This line is made to suit masculine layouts, with a retro, 80's feel, but it's so versatile, you can use it on a baby layout. I love the cute sayings, too.

Check out their website here to see more of their fun papers and embellishments:

Friday, February 12, 2010

Paediatrician's Appointment

First off.... did you know that's how you spell Paediatrician?? Who threw that a in there? Strange.

Now that that's out of the way, Gracie had an appointment with hers on Wednesday and we were told she's perfect. Surprise, surprise.

She weighed in at 14 pounds, 12 ounces and is 25 inches tall now. That puts her in the 50th percentile for height and weight, but her head was in the 75th percentile. Smartie needs a big head for all that brain! :)

The doc gave us the go ahead to feed her solids so I tried out some rice cereal this morning and she did great! Ate lots and neither of us were too messy afterwards.

We knew she was getting ready because she stops whatever she's doing and watches if you eat in front of her. Plus, she's been practicing on everything that comes near her:

her blanket,

her frog,

her giraffe,

another blankie or her peacock, whichever gets to her mouth first.

So, we practiced hanging out in the high chair a few nights ago,

and then, this morning, she actually got to eat cereal, in her chair!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Another Mini

I made this mini album in the days before Gracie was born, while I was patiently waiting to meet her. At the time, I just needed a distraction, but it was nice to have something all ready to add pictures to when she was born.

I completed this awhile ago, but haven't posted it, so here are a few pictures:

And the cutie, herself:

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Mini Books

I have been having fun making little mini books lately. My mom got me hooked on them. She's made some fabulous ones lately and is working on a little masterpiece at the moment.

I stole a bunch of Christmas photos from my mom that she had printed as 2x3's and made them into a little tag album. My sister-in-law covered a bunch of tags for me two Christmases ago and I hadn't used them, so I covered a few more, added some pictures, ribbons, journaling and photo corners to make a quick little memento of Christmas 2009 with my family.

Just what a new mom needs... a project that's all ready started, with pictures provided. Here's a quick look at some of it:

Monday, February 08, 2010

Bottles, Books and Baby Girl


Gracie has started taking the bottle again! I don't want to curse it, but she took it so well last night, I think we're in the clear. She took 6 ounces from a bottle last night and she downed it! Usually, it takes about an hour to get 2 ounces down, last night, she drank 6 ounces in about 30 minutes! It would've been faster, too, but I had to keep making more to keep up with her (Here is where I should note that she's drinking formula from a bottle, not breast milk.....). For some reason, she seems to prefer it when drinking from a bottle.

Also, the bottles that are working best now are super cheap-o's from Costco - $4 for three glass bottles and six nipples. Costco is just the best store ever!


I headed over to the library yesterday and came back with my arms full of books and magazines. I love libraries. There are so many things to learn and new authors to try. Just fun. Plus, you pay $10 for a library card for a year or $20 for one book, that you'll probably only read once.

This post is making me look cheap....

Baby Girl

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Updates, Envy and a Way to Help


Gracie rolled from her back to her front a few days ago and is really enjoying the ability to move around more. She slides all over on her mat now and is never in the same spot for long. She rolls, slides, squirms and wiggles to get things, now. In no time, she'll be crawling, and I'll be running!

She slept good Thursday night, only waking once at 1 am. She slept from 8:30 to 8, otherwise. Quite nice. Last night, however, she was up to her old tricks and woke up every three hours or so....


Check out this scrapbooking room....
If you're a scrapbooker, or anyone with a hobby really, you'll be impressed by how organized and fantastic it is!

A Way To Help in Haiti

If you're a scrapbooker and are still thinking of doing something to help the people out in Haiti, you can sign up for a subscription to Scrapbook and Cards Today. The entire cost of a subscription ordered up until Feb. 12 goes to Haiti and the Canadian government will match what they donate(bonus: it's a Canadian magazine)! I believe it's $16.50 for four issues. Pretty good way to give a little and get something in return.

Go here to subscribe.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Smartie Pants

Gracie is growing and changing so fast. She has really advanced her motor skills since she's started using her exersaucer. She has all of the toys figured out, knows which ones make noise and which wobble or spin - such a smartie!

She uses these new fine-tuned skills to play as much as possible. The other night, I heard funny clicking sounds in the monitor at 2 am. I thought it was a little odd, so went to check it out. She was laying in her crib playing with her aquarium! At 2 am! And she jumped when she saw me, like: "crap, you weren't supposed to catch me doing this!"

On the way home from Superstore the other day, she got bored, because there were no toys nearby, so she reached down, pulled off her shoe and started gnawing on the flower on it. Problem solved. She cracks me up!

She has also perfected the raspberry. It's a very drooly raspberry, and takes quite a bit of concentration, but they're hilarious. It took about two days for her to master it. Since she picked up on that so fast, we're thinking we should teach her something productive, next, like how to say hi or wave...

Here's the smartie pants now, in some layouts I made when we were in Hanna: