Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Smartie Pants

Gracie is growing and changing so fast. She has really advanced her motor skills since she's started using her exersaucer. She has all of the toys figured out, knows which ones make noise and which wobble or spin - such a smartie!

She uses these new fine-tuned skills to play as much as possible. The other night, I heard funny clicking sounds in the monitor at 2 am. I thought it was a little odd, so went to check it out. She was laying in her crib playing with her aquarium! At 2 am! And she jumped when she saw me, like: "crap, you weren't supposed to catch me doing this!"

On the way home from Superstore the other day, she got bored, because there were no toys nearby, so she reached down, pulled off her shoe and started gnawing on the flower on it. Problem solved. She cracks me up!

She has also perfected the raspberry. It's a very drooly raspberry, and takes quite a bit of concentration, but they're hilarious. It took about two days for her to master it. Since she picked up on that so fast, we're thinking we should teach her something productive, next, like how to say hi or wave...

Here's the smartie pants now, in some layouts I made when we were in Hanna:

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