Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Night's Sleep

We had a great night last night! It's taken Gracie a month to recuperate from our travels over Christmas, but I think she's finally getting back to normal and we're on a good schedule.

She used to nap in the evening and cluster feed before bed, so she wasn't going down for the night until 10 pm. Now, she's in bed at 8:30, which is great for getting things done in the evening or even just having a bit of a break to relax and watch tv or read a bit before bed. Plus, last night, she slept until 5 am, got up and ate and went back to sleep until 10! Fantastic gift for mom and dad!

It really helps that we don't have to swaddle her anymore. For the longest time, the swaddle really helped her sleep, but now, she has better control of her arms and likes to suck on her fingers. It helps soothe her and she sleeps longer because of it. Plus, before we basically had her tied into a straightjacket to keep her swaddled.

A good night to kick off the weekend!

This is a photo for her Auntie Steph, who gave her this cute hoodie. A little surfer girl all ready in her Roxy hoodie. Too cute.

And a few shots of the Heritage Makers book I made for Gracie. It looks grainy in the pictures, but it's really nice in person. I recommend it if you're looking for a little keepsake.

This last week was busy. Gracie wasn't feeling well over the weekend and we were at my parent's place in Hanna until Monday. Tuesday, Gracie had her four month shots. Wednesday we had Salsa Babies and did a big grocery shop. Thursday we met Charmaine and Sebastien for lunch and some window shopping. Friday we went to strollercise. Today, we've been relaxing. Took Bailey for a walk and went out to pick up some diapers.

Back to relaxin' at the Malacko's.

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