Monday, January 18, 2010

A Jolly Jumper

Recently, we started putting Gracie in her Jolly Jumper and she loves it! She has so much fun hopping in there and loves the little musical mat she has for underneath.

I took a few video clips (and again, forgot that you can't turn the camera, when taping a video....) Here's a clip of Gracie jumping:

She blew a slipper and hopped right off the mat and she gets curious when the camera comes out, so she's slightly distracted, but it's a glimpse into my day. It cracks me up, anyway. The funny smile she gets when she's jumping, like she's thinking, "Soon I'll be strong enough to get away."

She's so close to rolling over from her back to her tummy, too. She gets about halfway and then rolls back. She's been rolling from her tummy to her back for months.

Tomorrow, she is four months old. Can you believe it's all ready been four months? She's growing so fast.

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