Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Christmas Pictures

A friend of mine gave me a coupon to make a Heritage Makers Book for a shower gift for Gracie. What a neat gift! I spent all day yesterday playing with it and think I'll have a great keepsake for Gracie when she's older. It's basicallt digital scrapbooking and in the end, you get a great, hardcover book mailed to you. Fun!

I found a few shots of the present opening at the farm on my camera, so I thought I'd share. We decided to just do stockings this year, just getting gifts for the girls. I'm not sure it worked...Our stockings were just enormous :)

Jada was a lot of fun to watch. The tissue paper was usually her favourite part!

Gracie layed around and watched:

Mom and dad opening their stockings:

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