Monday, February 08, 2010

Bottles, Books and Baby Girl


Gracie has started taking the bottle again! I don't want to curse it, but she took it so well last night, I think we're in the clear. She took 6 ounces from a bottle last night and she downed it! Usually, it takes about an hour to get 2 ounces down, last night, she drank 6 ounces in about 30 minutes! It would've been faster, too, but I had to keep making more to keep up with her (Here is where I should note that she's drinking formula from a bottle, not breast milk.....). For some reason, she seems to prefer it when drinking from a bottle.

Also, the bottles that are working best now are super cheap-o's from Costco - $4 for three glass bottles and six nipples. Costco is just the best store ever!


I headed over to the library yesterday and came back with my arms full of books and magazines. I love libraries. There are so many things to learn and new authors to try. Just fun. Plus, you pay $10 for a library card for a year or $20 for one book, that you'll probably only read once.

This post is making me look cheap....

Baby Girl

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She is so pretty!!