Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Cover Girl

First off, go vote for my friend, Elaine to be on the cover of Explore magazine. She could be a covergirl, but needs votes to win. Hint: she's the one wrapped in the sleeping bag. Also, if you vote by the 27th, you could win a free subscription to Explore.

Photo Shoot with Gracie

Now, enough about other people, back to Gracie :)

I know that we take hundreds of photos of Gracie thanks to the blessing of digital cameras, but I wanted to pose a few so I don't always have a thousand toys, a fireplace, some laundry, a chair, my legs, Brad's feet, etc. in the background.

We played for a few minutes and racked up tons of cute shots that will be fun keepsakes. Here are a few:

cute and innocent

blowing raspberries

getting a little wilder, now

We're both laughing

Too cute, is right!

big eyes

more raspberries

playing with her toes

They should be fun to scrapbook, too. Some of them are a little blurry, but they capture how active and happy she is, so I still like them. Will definitely have to do this again.

Growing Up

Did you know she turned 5 months old over the weekend?? Time flies!

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LearnHowToMakeBows said...

What an adorable 5 month old! How fast they grow up! Very cute pics! And best of luck to your friend in winning the contest!!

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