Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gracie Exploring Her Exersaucer

Gracie is growing and changing so much, so fast. She passes toys from hand to hand, has learned how to unhook the toys from her play gym so she can get them into her mouth, and loves to play with all of the centres on her exersaucer.

She loves to work on all of the toys until she has them figured out and then she moves on to the next one. She knows which buttons to push, what crinkles when you play with it, and what toys can be pulled off.

Here she is, looking at the mirror that sits on the table top, trying to get as close as possible to that baby. Where is she?

She also loves it when you say hi to her. It's not like we don't talk to her, but for some reason, hi is her favourite thing to hear.

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