Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sickie Learning to Walk

Just in case you didn't feel sorry for Gracie when you heard she was sick, here are a few pictures to tug at your heartstrings:

The worst is when she coughs in her sleep, it sounds so pitiful, it makes me want to run in and rock her all night.

Even though she's sick, she's still pretty happy. We really lucked out and got such a happy little girl. She loves to pull herself up on everything, couches, toys, Brad and I, anything she can.

Now, a clip (very bouncy and poor) of Gracie venturing out for a few first steps all by herself. She's basically just falling forward and taking a few steps while she does, but she's so close to walking on her own..... Any day.....

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monkeymadness said...

OMGoodness love those little teeth! Poor little dear!! We will do shopping again soon!! Needing some more clothes and some SHOES!!