Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Busy Life!

I've decided it's not just a busy week here or there, we're BUSY people!! Yikes! I just went to strollersize for the first time in three weeks! (And it hurt a little...)

We had company, then Gracie and I got sick, and then we were off to Hanna for a visit, and we just got home from Lethbridge, where we were helping Brad's brother put on a country music festival. Whew! Our next set of company arrives tonight..... No rest for the wicked.

Here's a few pictures of Gracie in Gram's raspberry patch. I believe she found her little slice of heaven here.

I was trying to get a shot of her raspberry-red cheeks, but she posed instead, covering all evidence... what a lady!

And the Benedicts. We were out for a walk, dressed very casual, in grubby farm coats, but we were all together! Hooray!

I'll try to be better with my posts from now on.

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