Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gracie's Birthday Party

Gracie had so much fun at her birthday party! We had lots of good friends, good food, and well-behaved kids (no really, they were all great!) I think she enjoyed it.

My top moments from the party:

When I was taking her down from the table after she had a cupcake, she told me she was happy, and asked if I was, too.

Her reaction to seeing all of the people and decorations.

When Brad and I were out of sight, she wandered around the party yelling, "Mom!" or "Dad!" until she found us.

Seeing all of the kids running around the backyard, playing.

Gracie enjoying all of her favourite foods until she literally blew a button on her dress.

Gracie giving everyone hugs for the gifts. She was really happy with all of her new goodies. She got spoiled and she's had so much fun since Saturday playing with everything.

What a sweetie!

Welcome to the party!!
Gracie enjoying her sidewalk art sign


Best neighbour ever and Gracie

She blew out her candle on the first try!

and got right to business

Couldn't even slow down for a family picture

Cookie monster and Elmo....

decorations.... It was a Sesame Street theme ( in case you couldn't tell...)
decadent cookie cake...mmmm...

Opening Gifts

Berlyn and Gracie playing with her new puppy

London, Gracie and Berlyn. Notice Gracie's dress is about to burst... it fit much nicer pre-cupcake...

So much fun in the jumpy room!

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