Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Gracie's new skill...

Nobody loves a tuit joke like a kid.

 Gracie got a whoopie cushion for Easter, and nearly falls over laughing, every time she steps on it (because she doesn't weigh  enough or have good enough aim to sit on it and get the proper effect).

She's transfered this love of bodily noises into the tuit tuit dance... 
Yep, she turns around and wiggles her bum at you and says 'tuit, tuit' (if she can get it out without giggling too much, and then uses that as a diversion to steal whatever it is she wants from you. 

This works best on dad, and Papa. We'll be rolling it out on new friends and relatives really soon, though, so don't be disappointed if you haven't seen it yet. 

Here are a few clips of it. 

See? She got the soccer ball away from her dad! 

Ladylike? Perhaps not, 
Effective, yes.

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