Sunday, June 10, 2012

Gracie's new bed

Yesterday, we went bed shopping for Gracie and picked out a brand new, big-girl bed! She picked out new bedding, too. It was a toss up, but she loved this polka dot comforter, and the Tinkerbell sheets, and they actually matched, so I went with it. 

It took some debate, though.... There were so many options: blue Tinkerbell sheets or purple? Dora or Princess or Rapunzel bedding? What about Cars? After some careful debate, she settled on this set up, which is very cute. (I was secretly happy, because I had a purple set when I was little, too!) 

This is her testing out the bedding while dad built her bed.

And dad putting the new sheets on (you'll notice, the drawers under the bed did not get put together before bedtime....)

Gracie could hardly climb up.

But she loved it!

Mom covering her up.

 And her all settled in and cozy. 

And, this is taken at about 11 pm, by her crazy mother. You'll notice it looks like daylight.... my camera flashed 3 times before it took this picture! Yikes! Luckily, she's a heavy sleeper, and didn't wake up.

You may also notice that her wall decal is now on her bed... it wasn't completely uneventful. After all, this was her first night out of the 'cage,' but she never left her bed and she went to sleep in minutes. 

Is it odd that this really got to me? She's passed so many milestones, from rolling over to walking to potty training and talking, but seeing her in this big bed, I couldn't help but want to crawl in with her. She was so tiny in there and so brave. Sigh.... She's growing up. It's official.

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