Sunday, November 11, 2012

Snow Fun

My little girl is a snow baby. She loves it outside!

Shovelling snow.  She's a big help. 
Usually, she pushes it off the driveway, but occasionally, she goes on a rampage and starts throwing snow back on. Between her 'help' and Bailey ploughing through the snowbanks, knocking snow everywhere, it usually takes me a little longer than planned.

  Luckily, this was a few weeks ago, before the big dump of snow we just got. It was easy shovelling on this day and much warmer.

Gracie loves playing in the snow. She does a belly flop into a snowbank and giggles like crazy, spitting out mouthfuls of snow. 

She likes to play with Bailey, too. She wades out into a snowbank and then calls for help and he comes pouncing through to her, kicking up snow everywhere. He bumps her with his nose, and then pounces back, while she kills herself laughing.

Here's a video of her having a snowball fight with Bailey. She hasn't quite got the concept, and Bailey was totally preoccupied at the time, but she thought it was hilarious and I like that it wears them both out!

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