Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Making Titles Stand Out

Hopefully, I have you convinced that journaling can add to a layout.

Now that you're keeping track of your memories, focus on the titles you use for each page.

Creative titles can evoke emotion and allow your creativity to shine.

Some examples of hand-made titles that I've done follow:

You can also purchase premade titles and page-toppers at scrapbooking or craft stores on a variety of themes or make your own using a design program on your computer.

The following titles were made on my home computer, using InDesign or Illustrator:

There are also programs that you can buy which have interesting fonts, banners, and clips allready designed, so you can just type your own title on a pre-made banner. This is a very handy option to save time.

One of the programs that I like is Becky Higgin's CD, Creative Clips and Fonts.

While hand-drawn titles are usually the most interesting, using computer programs or pre-made titles are speedier options for those of us with a daunting stack of photos.

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