Friday, January 27, 2006

Using words in layouts

Most people think of scrapbooking as a collection of pictures.

That's a good starting point.

While pictures are worth a thousand words, make sure that what you are trying to convey with pictures is captured using titles, quotes, journaling, or just random words on your layouts.

Whether it's just recording the date of a photo or an elaborate memory, words can help guide others through your scrapbook.

It's much easier to hand someone a scrapbook that explains everything for you. People can enjoy the layouts without asking, "what's happening here?" or, "where was this taken?"

Trust me, it's not only good for friends and family.

Titles and journaling are also an excellent way to refresh your own memory. It's so easy to say, "hmmm, I think John was about 2 in this photo" or, "I think that was Meyers Lake." Why not make sure that you remember everything about your special memories?

Feel free to experiment. Sometimes stories can even take the place of pictures.

You can still capture your son's first home run, when you left the camera at home or your best friend's surprise engagement, with no cameras nearby.

Simply write about it.

Words can be used to embellish and accentuate your most cherished pictures or can stand alone.

Try some of these web sites for more ideas on utilizing words, quotes, titles, and journaling into your scrapbooks.


Tara said...

Ya, I have trouble with this one. I alwyas say I'll do the journaling later and never do.

The Savvy Scrapbooker said...

If you can, as soon as you get your photos printed write down everything you remember about it on the back with a pencil or use a stickie note.
That way, when you get around to scrapbooking them, you can refresh your memory and keep your journaling accurate and detailed.
It's also nice to ask other people what they remember, and journal their memories.