Friday, March 14, 2008

Living in a National Park has a lot of perks, but unfortunately, there is a down side.... Lately, things seem to be falling apart in our house and nobody wants to come out here to fix things.

Our internet has been spotty, our toilets are tempermental, and I can't get anyone to cut my dog's hair, or mine, for that matter. Bailey is starting to look a little like a Rasta Dog... time for a trim.

Oh well, with no internet, hopefully I'll spend more time getting things done :)

Here are a few layouts from the MAK weekend (scanned with my wonderful new scanner) :

I don't know if you can see it here, but I incorporated a little tulle that we used to decorate at our wedding into this layout. You may see it behind the flower and on the tag. Also, I used some Ranger crackle paint, which I love and the Kaiser pearls, which are perfect for wedding layouts (or any kind of dressy occasion).

I really love the colours in this one. I am definitely a fall colours person.

I've been trying to incorporate my handwriting, because I think that just makes it more special, but I think I need to take a handwriting class...I just can not keep it neat.

Oh well, so my future generations know I am not a neat writer.

Hopefully, I'll have a few more layouts for you to check out later this weekend.

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scrappaleica said...

Kelly, fabulous layouts. great colours. Love the tulle. And you looked GREAT!Also, I had fun promoting your event at our booth in Edmonton this weekend. I hope it is a success!