Monday, March 10, 2008

MAK weekend

What a great weekend! The sun was shining, I had some great company, and I got a bit of scrappin' done!

For those of you who don't know me well, you've never heard of MAK. Well, 'MAK 3' was the password that my cousins and I had to get into our tree fort at my grandparents place when we were little. You had to say those special words before we would roll down our little rope ladder and let you in. Not very inlusive were we.... but to tell you the truth, it wasn't actually all that 'secret.' :)

My cousins, Meagan and Ange (plus Kelly, makes MAK, get it? Pretty creative, I know...) and I are all very close in age and have always been really great friends.
Since, the treefort is long gone, and we've all moved, but still remain close friends, we converted our secret password into the name of our get together weekends. Hence, MAK weekend.

The girls packed up a TON of stuff and came out on Friday for a weekend of scrapping, skiing, snacking, and visiting and we had a blast! I really love these little get togethers.

I wish I could say I got a ton of scrapping done, but I really didn't. For me, it was one of those days where you move the same sticker around for 40 minutes and never stick it into place. But, it was still fun and Meagan and Ange both got a ton of pages done, so I would call it a success.

I'll have to post some pics later this week.

Hope you're enjoying the sunshine!

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