Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Waterslide fun!

Busy. Busy. Busy.

I spent last weekend in Hanna for a shower and stagette for my friend Kylee. Such a great time!

I got to visit with all the girls from high school and play some wild and crazy games, including a seriously funny photo treasure hunt. Too much fun. Plus, we had a great Pampered Chef shower. She got so much good stuff! Seriously, like a $1000 worth of great kitchen stuff. Lucky girl.

I ordered a little decorating icing gun.... should prove to be fun. Better than the cheapo bags I have been using (and easier to clean). Brad's totally getting a race car cake for his birthday :)

Seriously, who needs kids when you have such a crazy, goofy hubby? Want some proof? Here's some fun shots of Brad on the waterslide....

On a different note, I'm reading a great book called 3 Cups of Tea. You should definately check it out. Great story about perseverance and really helping people. So far, I love it. I love the idea, the dedication of Greg Mortenson and the simple approach to changing people's lives one village at a time. Very inspiring.

Here's a review:

“Three Cups of Tea is one of the most remarkable adventure stories of our time. Greg Mortenson’s dangerous and difficult quest to build schools in the wildest parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan is not only a thrilling read, it’s proof that one ordinary person, with the right combination of character and determination, really can change the world.” -Tom Brokaw

Lastly, I missed the season finale of Grey's Anatomy... Don't say anything!!!! Can anyone recommend a good site to download it from?

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Aimee said...

Kelly, Try youtube for the greys...I found the last episode of CSI maybe they have the greys on there too