Monday, October 13, 2008

Babies, Babies, Babies....

With a new little neice and Sam's sweet Jack, everything is coming up baby!

There's something about babies that is so much fun... little shoes, cute zoo animals, soft fabric and pastel colours are all so adorable.

We had a baby shower for Sam and Jack last weekend and we're having one for Brandi and Jada this upcoming weekend.

Jack, five weeks old, at the shower:

I finished my little mini-folder (from Aimee Grenier's fabulous class) with pics of baby Jack for Sam:

And, I'm having a ton of fun making a few little things for Brandi over the long weekend. What a fun reason to scrapbook!

If you've got a ton of reasons to scrapbook, too, you should check out the upcoming scrapbooking retreat in Canmore. Linnette, the owner of Mountain Memories Scrapbooking is putting on a retreat in two weeks (Oct. 24 to 26) and it is going to be a blast. For more info, visit her site here. I'll be teaching some make and takes there, so if you'll be there, come over and say hi!

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all had your fill of turkey.

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Aimee Grenier said...

I LOOOOOOVE what you did with the Class kit!!! GORGEOUS!!