Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Back in the swing of things

Well, we're home again and settling back in to regular life.

It wasn't too hard to return to the old routines although the alarm clock was a jarring sound Monday morning. Hearing the Namaz in Turkey may have been the closest we got to an alarm clock in the past five weeks.

To sum up our trip,

Favourite places: Paris, Cinque Terre, Venice, Dubrovnik, Santorini, and Istanbul

Favourite foods: bow tie pasta with pesto sauce in Milan, vegetable risotto in Dubrovnik, greek yogourt, Lamb Kleftiko (stew with dill) in Santorini, every single dessert we tried, except Turkish Delight... not a big fan

Longest Walks: Paris, should've used the buses that day

Worst accomodations: the hostel I made Brad walk to in Zadar, where we were greeted by someone peeing out their window into the street below

Best accomodations: the hotel in Santorini, Hotel Matina, and the sobe in Dubrovnik, where we rented an apartment from an elderly couple and their kids

Currencies used: Kuna, Turkish Lira, and Euro

Countries Visited: Italy, Greece, France, Turkey and Croatia

Countries Passed Through: Bosnia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Germany

Record Speed: 5 countries in 2 days

New stamps in passport: 12

Visas: 1

Modes of transportation used: foot, bus, train, plane, sailboat, minibus, van, ferry, catamaran, taxi, and metro

Favourite airport: Athens International

Approximate kilometres travelled: 30,000

Trip of a lifetime: Priceless

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