Saturday, December 19, 2009


Gracie is so lucky to have so many people who love her all ready. She's three months old today and has all ready gotten so many gifts and well wishes from all over.

Since Jada is just about a year older than her, she has a great supply of hand-me-downs, too, which is great. The funny thing is, the shirt Gracie was wearing in an older post that says: "Gorgeous, Just like her mom" is one of these hand-me-downs. I think that may be worse than me buying it myself, but it's funny so I like it.

How cute is that smile?

There's also one for Brad "Perfect, Just like my dad":

yep, another hand-me-down, so really Curtis is the perfect one. Still cute, no matter who thinks we're perfect or gorgeous, everyone knows Gracie is both, even with drool running down her chin.

She likes her exersaucer, but she's not quite big enough to reach out and grab things, she just sits and watches while we play with the toys. She has us trained. While she's smiling at us with those big eyes, she's thinking: "Dance Monkey, Dance."

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