Friday, December 04, 2009

Snowy Weekend

We've gotten soooo much snow here! Big piles of fluffy, white stuff all over the city. We've just been holed up this evening, watching movies and decorating for Christmas. I think tomorrow, we'll get lights for outside and a tree if the roads are okay.

A tip for anyone wanting a real tree: go to IKEA. They have great trees for $20 and you get a $20 gift certificate to the store for the new year. What a deal!!

I took Gracie to the pediatrician this morning and all is well. She's got a bit of a flat spot on her head that we have to straighten out, but apparently, they're very common now that babies sleep on their backs, instead of on their tummies. We just have to make her look to the right instead of the left. So far, so good. We just put her aquarium on the right side when she goes to sleep and she faces it.

She's been going to sleep so well today. I've just been wrapping her up and laying her down and she puts herself to sleep which is so great. Especially at 6 am. How lucky are we??

She's also really discovered her hands lately. She rubs her eyes when she's sleepy and likes to suck on her fists. I think it just makes her look cuter.

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