Sunday, August 15, 2010


We just had a week of visitors and fun!

My mom popped in for a quick visit Tuesday and brought beautiful flowers and fresh veggies from her garden. So nice to have fresh stuff in the house (plus a few yummy treats)!

Steph and Broc and Kale (and Wiley) arrived that night, too so we had a full house. Five adults, two dogs, two toddlers, and lots of fun.

Davy Crockett made Gracie's zebra into a hat (with Uncle Brad's help)

Kale enjoyed tackling Giraffe as much as Gracie does...

And Gracie's new favourite toy was another big hit (but if we hear "Final Countdown" one more time, we may go crazy)

Kale enjoyed sitting on people while they read him stories....

You may not be able to tell, but he's sitting on Broc's face in this shot, wondering why Broc can't keep reading.

There were lots of stories read over the past five days. Both kids like their books.

After so much playing, they needed a good cleaning in the tub.

But, these two had a lot of fun together. Kale even gave Gracie some kisses by the end.

We had such a great visit. We headed to the mall, checked out a bike shop, Steph, Kale and I went to strollercise (Gracie chose to stay home and catch up on her naps), we went to the dog park, rented a movie, Brad and Steph went for a bike ride, and we had lots of time to hang out and visit.

So nice of them to make the trek up here!

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