Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Zoo

The zoo was one of our little trip's highlights because Gracie had so much fun! She loves animals and these ones were all very new to her...

Gracie on Brad's back:

and the new baby gorilla, on it's mom's back:

and Jay on Lorne's back:

The Dinosaurs Alive display was neat. Ideal for boys aged 4-7, I'd say. Gracie wasn't sold on it....

They called the hippo's to feed right when we got to their pen, so we got to see them come out of the water.

The baby giraffe and parents:

Gramma Gay and Paige:

and Gracie:

Gracie's favourite animals were the elephants. She tried to jump out of the backpack when we were watching them and was chattering like crazy at them. Too funny. This video shows some of it, but she tamed down her excitement when the camera came out.

The tigers were a close second. She kept pointing them out.

Everyone was a little mesmerized by the tigers. The zoo just brought in a new male, and he was huge and active, pacing all over the cage.

All in all, a great day!

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