Friday, January 07, 2011

Christmas Day at Grandma Sackett's

We spent Boxing Day travelling from Lethbridge to Crossfield, with a few quick stops at malls to check out Boxing Day deals and then had our second Christmas at my Grandma's on the 27th.

It was great. Lots of family and new food :), more presents and visiting. My uncle rented out the curling rink in town and we curled a few games, which was a great idea. Good to get out of the house and stop eating for a few minutes....

Here are a few pictures of that day (not many unfortunately, and not the greatest pictures, but it's what I got).

Gracie got to eat a whole sugar cookie man because Grams made one just for her, with her name on it and everything. She was quite happy!

Then she got to open presents, presents and more presents!

And so did I! Meagan painted this little burnt out bulb for me. How cute is this little snowman??

The Great Granddaughters who could make it, Maddie and Gracie. Jada was missing, because William had just been born in Medicine Hat.

Thanks Rhonda (or Kate) for these pictures. I forget which one of you took them....

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