Monday, January 03, 2011

We're home!!!

Happy New Year to everyone. Hope you had a lovely holiday season.

I'm sitting here with a cup of hot lemon and honey (trying to soothe a sore throat) and my one millionth butter tart of the Christmas season (to make sure that this Christmas weight is good and hard to get rid of) looking at the photos we took.

I packed three cameras so that there was always one around to snap photos, but I just ended up with an odd variety pack when I downloaded them to the computer. There's lots, so stick around for a few days and I'll catch you up on what happened on our Across Alberta Christmas Road-trip.

I'm jumping ahead, but over our holidays, we had two new babies in the family, my brother and sister-in-law had a baby boy on Christmas Eve, William Reed Benedict.

And, five days later, on the 29th of December, my cousin Ange, and her hubby Dustin had another baby boy, Owen Sackett Helm.

These are the first great grandsons on the Sackett side of the family, three girls came before them.

Now, back to our trip. We started out with the usual five hour drive to Lethbridge. Gracie didn't sleep much, but she was happy for awhile and we got to stop at Grandma Sackett's for a visit, which helped.

Here's a glimpse of happy Gracie (no pictures were taken of grumpy gremlin... errrr, I mean Gracie)

Trying to get a picture of Kale and Gracie looking at each other (or even getting both of them to be still at the same time...)

Now, it's all ready a long post and I've hardly arrived at our first stop, so I'll take a break. More to follow.

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