Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We're back!

The house is nearly back to normal, the yard still needs to be cleaned up before snow flies, Gracie has matured and is now a 13 year old trapped in a 2 year old's body, and I have new grey hairs..... but we're home and things are semi- sane.

We had a fun trip to Ottawa to visit Brad, but he's so busy with his course, we hardly saw him. Basically, he gets 8 hours off at night. So, he got back to the hotel, got stuff ready for the morning, studied a little and fell asleep. I didn't switch Gracie over to Ottawa time, so her and I stayed two hours behind just so she could stay up late enough to see him at night.

Luckily, he gets weekends off, so we explored Ottawa one weekend and Montreal the next. It was really nice to be there in the fall. Beautiful colours and pretty nice weather.

Unfortunately, I brought two cameras and both stopped working, and now one is missing, so most of my pictures are from my phone....

Anyway, here are a few from a petting zoo/museum/playground we visited in Ottawa:

As she was feeding the animals and racing from one to the next, another father said, "she's fearless, isn't she?" His daughter was probably 6...

Riding the train through the corn fields.

The creepiest toy there, and Gracie loved it. Kind of gives me nightmares.

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