Sunday, November 27, 2011

Funny Things

I haven't posted again, but I thought I'd post some of the funny things Gracie's been doing lately. Mostly so I remember them.... but you may enjoy them, too!

I asked Gracie what a goose says, and she thought about it for a minute and said, "beep, beep?" I laughed, and said, "No, they say 'honk, honk', but that was close!"

When we were in Ottawa, she heard noises outside the hotel room door and thought someone was coming in. She came racing over to me yelling, "I'm a scaredy-cat, I'm a scaredy-cat!"

When we were in the car, I overheard Gracie say quietly, " A dinosaur riding a bike... huh." We were passing a young boy riding a bike, wearing a full face bike helmet.

When we were in the grocery store, at the till, Gracie presented me with a chocolate bar that she wanted, I said no, and was busy unloading groceries. When I turned around again, she had it in her mouth, and said. "I'm a puppy,"so I added it to the rest of my groceries.... (but never let her have it.)

At the end of a long day, I had to move her playpen to another house before putting her to bed. As I was collapsing it, Gracie started to cry and yelled, "No! My bed!"

That same night, I thanked Gracie for being a good girl that day, because it was long, and she wasn't feeling good, and she had to sit in a restaurant for a long time. She replied, "And, I was sick." because she knew that made it even harder to be good.

She ate a good supper one night, so I gave her a little bowl of pudding. She couldn't finish it, so I suggested she give it to her dad. She turned and smiled at him, and then turned back to me and mouthed "no."

One evening, after getting out of the bath, she ran through the house naked, singing, "pee, pee, pee" and squatting periodically, as if she was going to pee. I had no idea what she was doing, so raced to get her and asked her if she had to go pee. "Nope, just singing the pee song," was her reply.

I was taking leftovers out of the fridge and had the door open. I turned around for a second, turned back and she was standing on the second shelf on the door, trying to reach her milk. I scooped her off and told her she couldn't climb the fridge door. She threw her arms up in the air and stated matter-of-factly, "but I can't reach!"

Every day when Brad gets home from work, she makes him empty his pockets of any change he may have so she can add it to her purse.

Okay, those are the stories I can think of today. Needless to say, she's hilarious and life is interesting at our house these days!

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