Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Catching Up

That was a long break! Sorry. I'm back to a semi-normal schedule and loving it.

Brad was gone for 2 months, and I've completed a breakdown of what those two months looked like for Gracie and I:

14 car trips over 3 hours
2 four hour flights
12 days in a hotel
4 illnesses, 3 of them were Miss Gracie
58 days (approximately) of sleepless nights. Gracie decided if Brad wasn't here, she couldn't sleep through the night, I guess.
1 Halloween orphan (again, G, as Brad was gone and I was on death's door with the flu - luckily Grandma Gay was there to take her trick or treating)
1 craft sale which I was supposed to make things for (but I didn't have much time) and I was supposed to help out at (but G was sick, so that didn't work).

And that all equals two pretty excited people when Brad got home last weekend.

So, this is why I haven't been posting. That and I still can't find my camera.

 Gracie's a fairweather swinger...
 But an excellent car napper,
 cowboy shopper, 
 finger painter,
 playgough necklace maker,
hair model, 
lap napper, when we're both sick, 
 a good sport, when her mom cuts her bangs,
 a pro at sleeping with her eyes open while sick, 
and a pretty cool dude, in general!

Now, we have nothing pressing on the horizon, a few friends that I want to make time for and a trip to the Royal Moscow Ballet's performance of Romeo and Juliet that I can't wait for, a scrapbooking/shopping date with my mom, oh yeah, and Christmas....

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