Friday, April 20, 2012

Jamaica Mixed Media Album

Here are a few sneak peaks into the first few pages of my Jamaica album. I was lucky enough to get most of a day to scrapbook with great friends/family on my birthday, so I spent some time on this:

This is a look at what it will look like all put together. These are just the first three pages, layered, but you get the idea. 

 I made the first page on a transparency. It was actually a leftover piece from some supplies. I added a few props to the photos so you can get a better idea of how it looks.

and the back of page 1:

 The second page is a Bazzill chipboard refill. I used these in my Dominican album, too. They're great for this kind of project. 

and the other side of page 2. I used glimmer mist on the chipboard page to get that shimmery, full-colour coverage. 

The Fun in the Sun pocket folds into a little mini accordian album to house more photos, since I always have so many.

Folded up:

I must say, I love the Wanderer line by Bazzill. That's what I'm using for most of this album. The patterned paper in the little accordian album is one of my favourites. 

 and folded down:

Page 3: Yes, it's a brown paper bag, and it's full of more tags and pictures.... I'll show more later. 

Hope you're enjoying the peaks so far!

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