Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Backyard Fun

We have had the best summer! Even though it's rained a lot, it's always in the evenings, and it cools things done perfectly, and we still get a full day of warm sunshine.

We've never utilized our backyard this much and Gracie's new zebra pool was the perfect addition.
 And it comes with a sprinkler!

 Lounging, with a lovely servant to water your toes when you need to be cooled off...

yep, luxury.

And, who has a zebra without once trying to ride it?

There's even apples to eat back here, fresh off the tree, so long as they're out of Bailey's reach. The lower branches are not-so-mysteriously bare...

R and R

And a little adventure

And more buckets than you could possibly fill and dump in an afternoon. Our little slice of heaven.

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