Monday, August 06, 2012

The Next Chapter in the Hunt for Fairies

Of course, the next logical step is to leave them some snacks, so we can tell whether they're actually stopping by....

What does a fairy love to eat? Fairy donuts, of course!

We made some little treats (cheerios dipped in chocolate, covered in sprinkles)

and sampled some treats...

Gracie's favourite part is always the sprinkles

The finished project (aka. all that was left)

Finding the perfect spot to leave the treats....

 or here?

(Love this kid!!)
 And, running to check out the fairy garden the next morning
 "Huh, they're all gone!"
 "There must be 20 fairies in there!"
 And they even left some flowers to say thanks!
 "Thank you fairies!"

So far, this fairy catching project is quite fun....
next step, fairy dust....

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