Sunday, October 21, 2012


I may have things working on the blog again.... maybe...

Here's a quick update. First, my mom is a published photographer!!

Check out her photo of Gracie about 2 years ago, playing in the leaves (top right). She took this picture and sent it to Our Canada magazine and they published it. Plus, it's more than half a page big!!

Congrats to her!!

Check out those chubby cheeks and cute little teeth. I almost forgot that she was so cute and chubby, she's such a little lady now.


Also, we're at week 31 of our pregnancy! Is it just me, or did it take forever to get to the last quarter of this pregnancy? 

Lately, I keep shocking myself when I turn sideways. My depth, I suppose it would be called is mind-boggling! 

Luckily, this kiddo is being pretty easy on me. Besides the amazing amount of moving she does, I'm feeling good. She pushes, rather than kicks so far. Her little bum comes shoving right out the side of my abdomen, I swear. 

I'm still going to strollersize a couple of times a week and running and keeping up with Gracie, so I'm happy.


We had a little birthday celebration with Gracie's friends last weekend and it was really fun. Gracie was a little overwhelmed, by the end, and may have cried all of her guests out the door, but she is still talking about all of her friends and the gifts, and the balloons... 

Maybe next year, it won't be so overwhelming. We'll have a few less people, and have it earlier so we can spread out outside.

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