Thursday, July 17, 2008

Trip Home

I went to Hanna last weekend and got to visit some relatives out from New Brunswick, which was great. We get to see them about once a year and my little cousins grow sooo much each time I see them. I can't get over it. They're cuties.

I also got a visit in with my gramma, my friend Christine, and her darling daughter Dylan and lots of other family. It was great.

I hung out with my brother a bit as it's his birthday today. Happy Birthday!! Played Rock Band with him and my mom. Seriously fun game. If only I had musical talent.

There are a few new recent additions to the farm.....

Three little kitties. Very cute, but I think still unnamed, officially. Is it bad that I didn't take people pictures, just cat pictures? I feel like a six year old girl again.

Anyway, another great weekend away. Love hanging out on the farm.

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