Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wisdom teeth, no more ...

So, the teeth got pulled. Yep. The dreaded wisdom teeth. That's why I've been away. Actually, I felt really good the day after, even went for a great hike in Yoho National Park. Yep, felt great. Course, I hadn't had solid food in two days, so I didn't have much energy.....

So, let's start from the beginning. There were a few things I might have done wrong:

1. I got put under for this. Apparently, my teeth were going to be difficult to pull out of my 'little head.' So, after the extraction, I was so out of it when I was leaving the dentist's office, I missed his all important instructions.

2. Because of aforementioned missed instructions, I thought I might do some yoga later in the day to stretch out my body and clear my head. There's a reason they tell you not to lower your head. Serious blood rush. Missed instruction number one.

3. Missed instruction number two: apparently, you're not supposed to do stairs right after the anesthetic. Oops. Brad caught me and made me return to my couch/sick bed.

4. Woke up the next morning feeling good, so I thought, "I should go for a hike. Yeah! And make it a long, steep one. Yeah!" So, off I went, and I did feel good, besides the lack of energy.

5. I packed a sandwich and a nectarine for lunch. Think I could open my mouth wide enough for either? Nope. Hmmm... energy levels dropping further. At least by then, we were on the descent.

6. After a 20 km hike, I returned home for a quick nap and awoke feeling good enough to.... go to the neighbours? What? So, long day of hiking, not much food in the body, energy levels depleted, let's go out.

And, later that night, you guessed it, I didn't feel so good. Silly, silly girl. And most people have this done when they're younger...

Anyway, after a week of penicillin and T3's. I'm back at it. I have the next four days off and not much planned, so I'm hoping to actually get something crafty done. Yippee!

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