Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hiking in Yoho National Park

Remember I said I did a great hike ages ago? Right after I got my wisdom teeth pulled?

Well, I finally got around to pulling those pics off my camera to show off.

It's a great trail, called the Iceline that runs along the upper reaches of Yoho Valley, right across from Takakkaw Falls, the second highest waterfall in Canada. It's great, because you actually get above the falls and can look across the valley to the glacier that feeds it.

It takes about 5 hours to do the 20 km loop (we took the Marpole Connector back down towards Laughing Falls).

This is Takakkaw Falls close up, from the Iceline Trail.

As we got higher, we travelled farther away from the falls, and it looks so tiny.

This is a line of ice that is there year round, hence the name of the trail. It looks much more impressive when you're actually there than I could capture with a camera.

My hiking partners, Dianne and Timber heading across the rocks. It's almost like walking on the moon or something up there because there are so many loose rocks and you're quite aways above the treeline.

I highly recommend this hike. Can't wait to get these pictures in a scrapbook.

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