Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Scrappy Stuff!!!

So, I had a wonderful, crafty, scrappy weekend. Who cares that it was kinda gloomy for August Long? I spent it indoors for the most part, and had fun!

I'm still geetting back in the swing of things.... I fell like my craftiness is a little rusty as I've taken sooooo long off. Luckily, a weekend, some inky fingers and fun photos and supplies have gotten me back into a scrappy mood.

This was actually an old photo I had from a photo class I took at SAIT. It's a liitle worn, so I distressed it even more and put it with my new favourite quote which I put up a few days ago.

This here is another wedding layout. I know, just do them all at once. Yeesh. I can't help myself. I like to spread all of my little projects out and work on them when I'm feeling in the right mood. Anyway, I did a basic digital layout

and then stuck it onto a good ol' paper layout with some stickers, metal embellishments, paper ribbon, and great white velvet letters for a little hybrid fun.

So glad we got married in the fall. Love these fall colours.

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