Monday, February 02, 2009

Another Weekend on the Road

We had a wonderful weekend in Lake Louise. Since we left in such a rush, right over Christmas, our friends decided to throw us a going away party after we moved.
It was so great! We got to see a ton of people and say goodbye to our old home.

We took up half of our favourite local restaurant, the Out Post, and enjoyed a good meal and then we went up to our neighbours for dessert and snacks and a good visit.

Such a great way to say goodbye.

And our great friends gave us some going away gifts that were really sweet and thoughtful.

Beautiful wine glasses:

A plaque to commemorate Brad's time in Lake Louise with the RCMP:

A photo book from the Fire Department that Brad served on:

You may notice there aren't many photos of fires being put out, just fires raging, and Brad posing.... makes me wonder...

And this, is our new furniture. I know it doesn't really go with the rest of the post, but my mom will want to see. The colour is off in the dark photo...


M said...

Hi Kell: I love the new furniture. Looks very comfy. Mom

Kelly said...

Hey there Kel! Love the new furniture! It's looks very comfy. We'll have to get together for another outing for a coffee. Take care.

Mdogg said...

looks great! I could see myself sleeping on there for sure!