Friday, September 03, 2010

Catch up

We've been busy, and I haven't been posting.

We went to the farm for the weekend for a stagette (which was wild...... WILD wild, but fun), to help Curtis a bit with the house, make some salsa, and get a visit in. We got everything accomplished and had a great visit.

Jada and Gracie on the rocking chair, mostly getting along:

Brandi and the girls opening Brandi's birthday gift:

Grams and the girls:

Papa and Gracie wrestling with a bear:

Gracie's first ponytail (great work Grams!) :

Since we got home Tuesday, Gracie came down with a bit of a cold, I got my wisdom teeth pulled, Brad played two ball games and a hockey game, I made a bunch of apple crisps to freeze, and we started staining our fence. Whew! More of the same this weekend, I'm afraid. We played all summer and left all of the work for Brad's last weekend before he heads back to work.

I'll just put one picture of the stagette up here, to give you a taste of things. First off, let me explain, for the stagette, we did a small town pub crawl. We filled a Greyhound full of girls and drove to Delia, Byemoor and then Stettler.

This is the Bride-to-be, Heather.

Behind her, you may have noticed is a man, trapped in his jacket. He was sitting innocently at a table and Heather jumped onto his lap, put her arms through his sleeves and then drug him around the dance floor.

What a girl.

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