Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gracie's One!!!

Okay, I haven't posted in awhile. We've been busy. We always seem to be busy, I guess.

We had a wedding in Hanna last weekend, which was really nice. Aside from the pastor pronouncing them husband and man, it went off without a hitch. (Oops... he corrected himself, and recovered well).

Then, on Sunday, we had another party for Gracie on her actual birthday. She's officially one year old now.


I can't believe it, but my mom was right, every stage is just more and more fun. I'm enjoying it all.

We got back from Hanna Monday afternoon and took her in to get her one year shots. Mean, right?? Fill her full of cake and excitement one day and then make her get three shots the next day.

She did well. The first shot made her give the nurse a dirty look, the second one she yelled at her a bit, and the third one, she screamed at the nurse, turned red, and tried to jump off my knee. Ouch.

It didn't last long, though, she was almost immediately distracted by a Winnie the Pooh mobile and some toys. She even waved at the nurse who'd poked her after 10 minutes had passed.

Her only issue is that she was a little wobbly on her feet for the next day and a half. She stumbled around like a drunken sailor and now has a bruise on her forehead to go with the bruise and puncture marks on her shoulders. Should make for some good family photos this weekend (we're heading to another wedding).

Anyway, she got weighed and measured and she's 19 pounds 13 ounces, with all her clothes on. I was hoping she'd hit the 20 pound mark, so she could officially use her front-facing carseat, but we turned it around anyway. Close enough. The nurse agreed, so that makes it all right.

I think they measured her as 30 inches tall, but she kind of eyeballed it, so I'm not sure how accurate that is. She goes to the paediatrician tomorrow, so we'll get another set of numbers.

So, that's the update. No pictures, yet, but I took lots so I'll add some shortly.

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