Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gracie's Third and Final Birthday Celebration (Until Next Year)

We celebrated Gracie's first birthday for the third and final time in Lethbridge on Saturday.

Monkey cupcakes for the jungle theme.

Broc, Steph and Kale enjoying the cupcakes.

Gracie knows her way around a cupcake now, no more hugging it, it goes straight to the mouth.

Jack would like another cupcake, please.

Opening more gifts. Lucky, lucky girl. We're going to have to keep some of these for a halfway to Christmas surprise.

She loved this shirt from Auntie Nicole. Had to hold it up to show everyone what it would look like on.

....and this giraffe cabbage patch doll from Auntie Sam.

The boys liked their goodie bags, especially the masks and whoopie cushions (thanks mom, they were a hit)

Another celebration over. Time to put away all the goodie bag toys and the decorations for next year and eat the leftover cupcakes :)

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