Wednesday, October 06, 2010


We went to the waterpark at West Edmonton Mall on Saturday and Gracie had so much fun!

Last time we were there, she was a little shy around the other kids and didn't really stray too far away, but this time, she was fearless!

She dunked her head under numerous times and came up laughing. She ran everywhere, even though the pool has a slanted bottom, and it's hard to walk in water (for someone who's 5.7" it's hard, imagine being a foot and a half). She floated, jumped, paddled and kicked, visited other kids and loved the slide!

I took a few pictures when we first got there, but my camera kept getting splashed so I had to put it away. In the first ten minutes, she was all ready having a blast, and she just got more crazy as the afternoon wore on.

This little one got my love of the water, and Brad's confidence.... we're in trouble!

My favourite Brad quote from the day was, "You're so panicky about it when she goes under."


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