Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mac and Josh's wedding

We went to a beautiful wedding last weekend when we were in Lethbridge. Brad's cousin Mac married Josh at the Galt Museum. It was so nice. The museum is all glass walls overlooking the coulees and they had all kinds of little extras that made the wedding really nice.

-complimentary flip-flops for the ladies (and a few brave men)

If you can get past Tara's air guitar, you might notice the cute lime green flip flops

-time capsules for one year, five years and twenty-five years of marriage (you could answer questions about what the couple would be doing at the time or give advice)

-a treats table (where you could fill a bag full of goodies that were black, white or green-their wedding colours)

-their thank you gifts were decorated tic tac tins which you shook to get them to kiss (much nicer than the jarring clink,clink, clink of wine glasses)

-their champagne flutes had hibiscus flowers in the bottom and the sangria came with cute unbrellas

thanks Tara for modelling for us, again.

And a few snaps of the wedding dance:

Broc and Steph

Here's Mac's lovely dress

Why do I need to always get sucked into the line dance?

Brad and Broc

Steph and I

Brad, Broc and Rob

A fun night, thanks Mac and Josh for having us!

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