Sunday, November 14, 2010

More Pictures from Grams

I raided my mom's pictures while I was visiting and thought I'd share some. They're older, but so cute.

A photoshoot with Grams produced a bunch of cute pictures like this one.

Jada licking the spoon after baking cookies with Grams.

This beautiful tree at the farm is perfect for photos. Here's one of the girls and Brandi and myself.

And Gracie and I smelling the blossoms.

And this is just a fun outfit, is it not?? Ready for the rodeo, or as it was, a wedding shower :)

Another fun one. The future female version of Richard Simmons perhaps? Cute pick Sammy.

Some pictures from Nicole's wedding.

Another one of Grandpa Sackett and Gracie. I love this one.

Crazy hair in the bathtub.

And the girls splashing in the little pool at the farm.

Great photos mom! Thanks for letting me steal them.

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